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I have black spots all over my siding, what are they?

Artillery Fungus

What are the black spots?The spots are artillery fungus.  They are a fungus that usually spends most of its time in gardens and on mulch.  The artillery fungus is a white-rotting, wood-decay fungus that likes to live on moist landscape mulch.  They get on the siding because mulch has come into contact with the siding. It is in the genus Sphaerobolus (Greek for “sphere thrower”) and is  common across the USA.  This fungus thrives on sunlight and moist surfaces.  They have a tendency to be more attracted to lighter color vinyl siding because it reflects light more than the darker siding.

What can I do to get rid of the black spots (artillery fungus)?

Not much unless you have brand new siding.  If you have new siding than you can typically just pressure wash it.  The only other option is to sand off the spots by hand, but you will leave marks on your siding.  The only real option is to put up new siding and be sure to leave space between your flower beds and your siding.

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