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Where should I locate the nails on a laminated architectural shingle?

Location of Fasteners really depends upon the particular type of shingle being installed or any particular wind resistance specification that may be in effect.

architectural shingleShingle manufacturers will generally specify   shingles be installed with four  nails per full width shingle. If your shingle has been cut to any length, you must at least installed two nails.

Almost all of of today’s laminated (architectural shingles are marked with a horizontal line indicating where the nails should be located.It is very important to follow each manufacturers specifications in regards to this line, as many manufacturers will not honor a shingle warrantee for the entire application if the nails are not exactly where specified. Shingle manufacturers typically attempt to deflect warrantee issues to the installer. If you have no issue with warrantee, fastening the nails near the fastening line so that they penetrate the double thickness section of the single and penetrate into the shingle under it will be suitable.

Nails need to be located about 1 inch from each and with the other two nails spaced approximately evenly between them.

In addition to those areas identified as high wind areas, some local communities specify particular miles per hour wind resistance levels for shingles. In those cases it is necessary to install one additional nail per shingle. After after installing the two nails on each end, evenly space the remaining four nails along the and nailing line.

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