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What is the Process of Having a Roof Torn Off and Replaced

Recommended steps :

Homeowner  should contact three licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors.

The  contractors will  perform the following:

  • Measure the roof.
  • Refer to specification manuals cited in local, city and/or national building codes.
  • Consult with homeowner to provide  the recommended  methods, shingle types and any additional roofing products which may be required.
  • Provide to homeowner  a written estimate  detailing project descriptions, costs, and time frame.

What  should  the homeowner expect?

  • A dumpster or dump truck will be used to haul away all of the old roofing debris.DSC00545a
  • Tarps will be brought and used to protect all of the landscaping, siding, windows, doors, etc.
  • Every homeowner should be aware that there is a possibility that some  minor damage  may  occur.
  • Whether the homeowner has an asphalt or concrete driveway, the disposal company will be placing  at minimum three quarter inch plywood or a two by twelve piece of plywood underneath the rollers to protect the driveway.
  • The material will be delivered in pallet form by the local supplier.
  • It should be delivered in close proximity to the roof so that the installers wont  have to carry it an unnecessary distance.  Material can be  placed on the grass or the driveway provided the job is going to be started within a day or two.
  • The homeowner should always identify which side of the garage  the dumpster should be placed.
  • When tearing off a roof,  it is necessary to remove the existing shingles, starter strips, felt, valleys, etc. in order to get down to the roof deck which is typically  OSB plywood.
  • The roof deck is then examined  to insure that it is in suitable condition to hold nails. Rotted or fractured plywood will have to be replaced.
  • Roofers will utilize pitchforks or specially designed tools to remove all debris.
  • The easiest method of debris  removal is to place the dumpster or dump truck close to the house, so that all of the debris can be moved to the edge of the roof and dumped.  The most difficult method of debris removal is the use of wheelbarrows to carry debris toDSC00501a the  dumpster when it cannot be conveniently located.
  • Existing nails should be removed wherever possible and not pounded back in to prevent future nail pops.
  • Once the debris is removed and the deck has been inspected and cleaned, the roof is ready for installation.

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