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What is the process of having your roof torn off and replaced?

This is just a rambling five-minute dissertation of the things involved when someone chooses to have the roofer moved what is the process with a contractor first of all a homeowner should contact three license bonded and insured roofing contractors to provide this roofing contractor world measure growth recommend procedures recommend shingles recommend products referred to specification manuals building codes of the local city national building codes national roofing contractors Association codes methods and procedures.

roof torn off

So let’s talk about the process and the process is that there will be either a dumpster or dump truck that will be used to haul away all but three there should be numerous charts and plywood that is used to protect the landscaping siding the Windows the doors of birdbaths the concrete or whatever from being damaged in the process. One can generally assume that on a major terror off there is a distinct possibility, actually a probability that there will be some minor damage to something. It is advisable to expect that to do this major project something will be damaged in a minor way where major way. So we have a dumpster or we have the dump truck regarding the dumpster if it’s an asphalt driveway or even if it’s a concrete driveway make sure that the company delivering the dumpster places either plywood to quarter inch minimum, or a 2 x 12 piece of lumber underneath the rollers to protect the pavement or the concrete.

The material will be delivered in pallet form by local supplier should be delivered close enough so that the roofing contractors workers or installers can reach the material without having to walk an excessive amount of distance to pick up the material and bring up the ladder. If the job is going to start within a day or so of material delivery is acceptable to allow the shingle material to be placed on the grass or of course, it can be placed on the driver also. Another consideration is regarding the use of a dumpster and the use of the homeowners garage. Always identify which side of the garage or the dump truck is to be parked so that access is available to homeowner. For a terror off it is necessary to remove the existing shingles starter strips Felts valleys or whatever with the material is on the rough in order to get down to the roots back the roof deck could be plywood OSB which is oriented strand board or dimensional lumber it is always preferable to remove all of the existing roofing material in order to examine the roof deck to ensure that the roof deck isn’t suitable condition for new shingles or think contractors have different types of tools they use to remove the shingles some used some prefer pitchforks shovels while others use specifically designed tools for shingle removal in some instances a roofing contractor will manufacture or make his own roofing tool for shingle removal that he has found to work best for him removing the shingles and felt and putting it into the dumpster is done on a job by job basis depending upon how the roof line is the room available around the house and other factors.

The easiest method of courses to place the dumpster underneath Iraq had the ability to remove the shingles and Felton Valley and other materials bring them right to the edge of the roof and dumped it into the umps are this is of course, the easiest scenario. The most difficult scenario is word there is no Rome to place the dumpster and all of the shingles which all of the material which have come off the rough have to be handcarried or placed in a wheelbarrow and then hand-delivered will be wheelbarrow delivered to the dumpster and thrown in..

Do line prior to removing the shingles is necessary for the roofing contractor to use tarps and plywood to protect the areas under which shingles will be removed. After removal of all shingles felts valets etc. the deck must be inspected for any damage any ride rough decking must be replaced prior to installation of a new roof.

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