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What is the process of having your roof torn off and replaced? (0)

What is the process of having your roof torn off and replaced?

This is just a rambling five-minute dissertation of the things involved when someone chooses to have the roofer moved what is the process with a contractor first of all a homeowner should contact three license bonded and insured roofing contractors to provide this roofing contractor world measure growth recommend procedures recommend shingles recommend products referred […]


Most common leaks on a roof (0)

Leaky Valleys First and foremost is the valleys.  If you roof is more than 10 years old than more than likely you do not have Ice and Water Shield in the valleys.  The Ice and Water shield is a synthetic underlayment that help prevent ice damning and deterioration of your decking.  I know that in […]


I have black spots all over my siding, what are they? (0)

What are the black spots?The spots are artillery fungus.  They are a fungus that usually spends most of its time in gardens and on mulch.  The artillery fungus is a white-rotting, wood-decay fungus that likes to live on moist landscape mulch.  They get on the siding because mulch has come into contact with the siding. It is […]

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